Why Girona Taxi?


We all have used transfer services once. It is a simple service and therefore, it is difficult to stand out of the many different taxi companies.

Our company has been capable of making a difference thanks to our ability to distinct ourselves from the others for the many advantages that we offer to our clients.

One of the most notable advantages that we offer is that whenever you call us, you will be talking to the person in charge, so either you are the one who needs the service or an hotel calling for one of your guests, you will always have the confidence and the security that any client needs will be satisfied.

Now a day, we are the biggest private taxi company from Girona province, with a 12 vehicles and 1 minibus fleet and a large territory range as we have administrative license in Girona,  Salt,  Sant Gregori,  Banyoles,  Massanet  and  Campmany.

With more than 25 years of experience on the transfers sector, we are in a business growth, modernization and generational relief period.



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